GoodEarth: Good Earth provides a digital ecosystem for farm mechanization with tracker services for machinery from Hello Tractor, an agri-tech social enterprise for improved, smarter and profitable tractors. The app offers doorstep delivery of farm machinery and serves as a learning platform for farmers by giving them training and certifications.Read more >

PakAgri Market: PAK Agri Market is the digital Agri directory for farmers in addition to providing a system for feedback, reviews, and ratings ensuring quality products at farmers’ doorsteps. Having access to millions of products at competitive pricing and real customer reviews enables farmers to make more informed decisions than ever before. Read more >

PakZar Zameen: Pak Zar Zameen is a one-stop digital solution for the agriculture fraternity that includes early
detection of crop stress, identification of intra-field variability, benchmarking of crop performance, monitoring of effects of a specific task, and satellite-based maps. This app can also produce maps of larger areas and provide historical data of up to 5 years. Read more >

UpTrade: UpTrade enables smallholder rural, off-grid farming communities to meet their farming and household needs using livestock as currency. UpTrade’s double bottom line mission is to bring economic and social prosperity to base of the pyramid, off-grid, smallholder farming communities by increasing livelihood, while improving the quality of life for women and girls through easy access to clean water, energy, and farming inputs. Read more >

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