MUSE: The MUSE Learning App is Pakistan’s most comprehensive learning app for primary grades, with hundreds of video, lessons and thousands of quizzes, games and practice worksheets for Math, Science, Urdu, and English subjects. MUSE offers a versatile and flexible learning approach for kids of all backgrounds. Over the last 4 years, the MUSE App has helped over 250,000 students master K-5 subjects with concept-based, engaging lessons in over 1,500 schools. MUSE is the only learning app in Pakistan that has been endorsed and adopted by both Federal Ministry of Education and Sindh Education Ministry during the time of COVID-19 and has been awarded with several national and international awards.Read more >

LearnObots: LearnOBots is an educational technology company with the aim of making Inventors and Makers of tomorrow. They educate primary and secondary grade students in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). They help the students in identifying their passion; teaching them modern technologies and at the same time enhancing their classroom learning experience. The mission is to inculcate a problem-solving mindset in the youth through training and hands-on-activities in a fun learning environment. Some of the example activities that students go through are Robotics, Electronics, Digital arts, Game development, coding, IoT, AI. The students are guided through animations in a story style that captures their interest. One of the students’ projects was featured by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Read more >

Edsaka: Edkasa aspires to empower high school students by giving them the confidence, knowledge, and skills to prepare and excel in a growingly competitive world. Edkasa achieves this by creating a world-class, personalized learning experience that helps them prepare and excel in their quizzes, tests, & exams. Edkasa provides cost-effective solutions to schools that want to enable their students with online education and assessments and also provides students with LIVE online classes and an extensive library of recorded lectures and material to help them prepare anywhere, anytime.Read more >

EDtechWORX: iMDP (Interactive Management Development Programme) is an easy-to-use online learning platform to develop budding business leaders, innovators, and thinkers. Leveraging engaging tools such as animations, infographics, gamification, and simulations, the various modules of the programme help learners’ re-skill and up-skill their current skill sets. iMDP allows learners to be certified and get connected with the top corporate firms in the country. Before investing in these premium features, iMDP provides learners with the opportunity to try the programme free of cost. The modules are conceived and designed by experts keeping the needs of the industry in mind.Read more >

SkillsFirst: SkillsFirst is an online learning academy that aims to empower people with in-demand digital skills and flexibility to learn online at their own pace. The academy offers a range of affordable interactive online courses designed by industry experts to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. Each course offers extensive learning content in the form of videos, infographics, interactive quizzes, assignments, slide decks, and more. All the content delivery is done with an autonomously controlled state-of-the-art learning management system that runs independent modules.Read more >

MyCareerDreams: MyCareerDreams is an online career advisory service that enables youth to make well-informed decisions about their future career streams, anytime and anywhere. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and inspired by Career Counselors, Psychologists, and Industry Experts, MyCareerDreams is being used by thousands of students and young professionals around the world to evaluate their compatibility for various careers and gain insights into what these streams have to offer to them. It is currently available in English and Urdu.Read more >

EdJunction: Edjunction is a cutting-edge technology platform that helps establish an ecosystem of communication and data sharing between key stakeholders of an education environment i.e., the School, Teachers, Parents & StudentsRead more >

Dastaan: Daastan is Pakistan’s premier publishing platform enabling authors to monetize their time, content, and skills through a technology portal. Their product Qissa (www.meraqissa.com) has 6000 users from 17 countries who have published 300+ manuscripts in 24 genres and 2 languages.Read more >

Dot & Line: Dot & Line is an international online learning platform, matching students with vetted and certified tutor partners. Using powerful proprietary learning programs in math, English, Coding and Urdu for the K-12 segment, Dot and Line guarantees a world class learning experience. Led by a team of mathematicians, experienced teachers, PhDs and international advisors, D&L’s cutting-edge blended learning programs boost learning outcomes in just three months. Alongside, with a powerful and robust vetting and recruitment process, teacher training modules and strong metrics and evaluation tools they help home makers around the world start earning from home.Read more >

Maqsad: Pakistan’s first learning app with instant solutions. Thousands of in-depth video solutions for academic questions, problems and past papers, made according to local boards targeting K-12 including grades 9-12 of local educational boards. Read more >

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