Interacta: Interacta aims to make Television viewing an interactive experience for customers. They have developed a proprietary algorithm, which can detect audio from the device’s surroundings and activate certain actions on a mobile device.Read more >

Radical Growth Solutions: A smart irrigation optimization solution that collects real time data from the field by leveraging technology to measure your plant’s humidity, soil moisture, temperature and light intensity to determine the precise requirements for water. With their plug and play device, you can access real time agriculture insights on your mobile device, improving overall yield & preserving farm resources. The solutions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor farming, ensuring profitability and sustainability while protecting the environment.Read more >

KytherTek: an Artificial Intelligence of Things company working on energy and process efficiency problems in developing economies. There first product, ezygeyser is a smart thermostat for domestic geysers that allows users to significantly reduce their gas bills and reduce gas wastage. Ezgeyser can also relight the pilot itself after gas outages.Read more >

Cricflex: World’s first wearable for cricket. Helps enhance performance of bowlers. US patented technology. Presented their paper in MIT. Their app offers personalized coaching and provides analytics to improve performance. Has already received 300 pre-orders from 18 countries.Read more >

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