Other startups

Ecoenergy: EcoEnergy provides affordable, cutting-edge solar technology directly to people with no access to electricity. Through their sales, service, and distribution network, they power lights, cell phones, fans, and televisions for households and small businesses, transforming the lives of women, educating the next generation, impacting the environment and the economy.Read more >

Perk Up: PerkUp tracks customer behavior for businesses and acts like a CRM on cloud with a lot of customer retention features built into itRead more >

Shopsy.pk: Shopsy.pk is a search engine that uses machine learning and AI to help online shoppers find the best price for any product in Pakistan.Read more >

Micro power labs: A technology and innovation-focused startup, their star product is the world’s fastest charging power bankRead more >

Pakshine: Pakshine offers a unique solar product that converts an ordinary UPS into a solar hybrid system at 25% of the cost compared to other products in the market. The product, Solar Markaz, is distributed through retailers and online channels all over Pakistan.Read more >

Qanoon: An online Lawyer’s Market place aims to offer free first level legal consultancy, lawyers’ discovery, and a case management system for legal offices. The aim is to automate legal services such as contracts, income tax filing and company registrationRead more >

Fori Mazdoori: Fori Mazdoori aims to use telco retailers as registration points for blue-collar workers who are looking for jobs, the data is uploaded to a website where middle to high-income consumers can browse and book them as neededRead more >

Artsy: Artsy is an online store for artists and artisans. Artsy aims to eliminate the middleman between low-income artists across Pakistan their audience in the cities of Pakistan and regionally.Read more >

ShowEventz: A platform to connect event management professionals with clients. One can book photographers, videographers, caterers, event decorators, event places under one roof.Read more >

SalesExpo: A website offering all the deals and discounts from Pakistani retail websites in one place alongside giving small retailers individual online marketplaces to sell their product.Read more >

DeafTawk: DeafTawk is bridging the gap between 466 million deaf people in the world and their communities by providing a real-time sign language solution at the user’s fingertips. DeafTawk provides online sign language interpretation services through video calling solution.Read more >

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