Telenor Velocity’s alumni startup, Sehat Kahani has raised $500,000 collectively in seed funding from multiple sources including equity investment and grant funding.

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Sehat Kahani – a telehealth startup with a social purpose, has raised $500,000 collectively in seed funding from multiple sources including equity investment and grant funding.

Sehat Kahani aims to democratize healthcare by building an all-female health provider network to deliver quality healthcare solutions using telehealth, a phenomenon known to be the future of healthcare globally using 3 main business lines:

  1. Access: By using trusted intermediaries in the communities and dormant health infrastructure, we create Sehat Kahani E-Health Hubs where a frontline worker is trained via a 5 step training on medical knowledge, leadership and soft skills to connects patients in these Hubs to qualified home-based female physicians and skills specialists using video consultation and Electronic Medical Records systems
  2. Prevention: Sehat Kahani through its preventive health care portfolio creates innovative preventive health care messaging activities in target communities to bring out a long-term change in behaviors and health patterns.
  3. Efficiency: Through our specialized telehealth platform we have designed digital health solutions to reduce the disease load of tertiary care hospitals by treating primary and secondary diseases via virtual home base female doctors’ part of Sehat Kahani network in less than 3 clicks.

Sehat Kahani constitutes a portfolio of 14 clinics across Pakistan in 3 provinces, has launched more than 11 preventive health campaigns with leading corporations and organizations, launched a wellness portal and most importantly has impacted over 600,000 people with an all-female network provider of 1000 plus female doctors.


SehatStart Conducts Seminars for Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Founded in 2017, Sehat Kahani has previously received funding from the SPRING Accelerator.

The equity investment has been injected by Elahi Group of Industries, a company catering to a number of businesses including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics, supply chain management etc. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Danish Elahi, Director- Elahi group of Industries stated, 

Sehat Kahani came as one of the easiest partnership investment as the team’s passion and dedication was addictive to say the least. It’s one of the best fit platforms encompassing the CSR aspect of healthcare with commercial business. It facilitates our lady doctors to get back into the work force with flexi-hours while giving access to affordable medical care in Pakistan. This is where we start Pakistan’s future brighter and healthier.

Mr. Raza Matin, Marketing & Business Consultant – Pakistan at Google, also Advisor and mentor, Sehat Kahani, added,

It is rare to come across a true social impact business model that is inherently scalable, whilst being a win-win for all stakeholders involved, which is what we have with Sehat Kahani. With the closure of the seed round, I am hoping to see the unlocking of exponential growth for this budding enterprise, led by two fantastic, talented and very smart entrepreneurs.

Sehat Kahani is also the only Pakistan based company which has raised funding via the GSMA Accelerator Innovation fund (Funded by UKAid and Australian Aid) and Amplify Reproductive health care challenge.

Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram while stating her excitement for this new chapter for Sehat Kahani, said.

We hope our story will motivate other female founders and entrepreneurs to dream that hard work, resilience and passion is the key to breaking all barriers!

Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga, Co-founder and CDO Sehat Kahani said,

The economic growth and financial inclusion of women through E-Health is what we are striving for. Through this investment I am confident that our vision of making Sehat Kahani a household name is now going to succeed.

The seed funding will be used to expand clinical operations, bring in fresh talent, building and enhancing E-Health solutions and increasing the doctor provider network to bring more doctors back into the workforce.

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